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Expanding our Footprint through empowering Transformation and Collaboration.

Learning and Skill Enhancement

Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our involvement in hands-on workshops and skill-building sessions. These events enable to empower ourselves and others with the right knowledge and tools.

Innovation Showcases

We showcase how our services and vision are driving positive change. We believe in innovation for the betterment of society, and these events allow us to demonstrate how our solutions contribute to improving people’s lives and fostering progress.

Thought Leadership Gatherings

We participate in events that inspire creativity and visionary thinking. We share our vision for leveraging services and digital transformation to enhance human experiences and create a brighter future.


Helsinki, Finland


Slush is a global platform that brings together the brightest minds, companies, and established industry leaders in the technology and innovation space. With thousands of European companies attending, being selected to have our own exhibit area at this prestigious event allowed us to showcase our offerings on a global stage.

Some of our Cnext colleagues at Slush
Our team at the exhibition space
One of many workshops scenarios

Web Summit serves as a nexus for tech excellence, making our presence there pivotal for staying ahead in the digital transformation landscape. By having our exhibition space amidst thousands of international companies, we had the exceptional opportunity to showcase our capabilities and connect with forward-thinkers seeking innovative solutions.

Lisbon, Portugal


Web Summit main stage
Our official Web Summit invitation to Cnext booth
Cannes, France


Participating in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAICF) is of paramount importance to Cnext specializing in digital transformation. We hosted our own workshop and have been selected to share our knowledge at our own exhibition area. This demonstrates our commitment to advancing AI integration and digital transformation.

WAICF location
Our official WAICF invitation to Cnext booth
Cnext team presenting workshop

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