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    Secure Microservices on ACA with APIM Gateway Part 1

    Problem Statement: In a microservices architecture, individual services require secure authentication mechanisms. However, implementing built-in authentication for each container app in a decentralized manner becomes impractical and lacks a centralized approach. Solution: Utilize containerized Azure API Management (APIM) to establish a centralized authentication mechanism for securing and exposing microservices APIs to the external world. This…

  • Configuring RBAC for LogicApps


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    Configuring RBAC for LogicApps

    Introduction Azure Role-Based Access Control (Azure RBAC): Effective access management for cloud resources is a vital responsibility for any organization utilizing cloud services. Azure Role-Based Access Control (Azure RBAC) serves as an authorization framework integrated with Azure Resource Manager, delivering precise control over who can access Azure resources, what actions they can perform on these…

  • Microsoft Azure Shift: Seamless BizTalk to Azure Migration

    Microsoft Azure Shift: Seamless BizTalk to Azure Migration

    Introduction In today’s fast-paced business landscape Organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their agility and efficiency while reducing operational costs. One such avenue is the migration of on-premises integration solutions like Microsoft BizTalk Server to cloud-based platforms like Azure Integration Services. This transformation can unlock numerous benefits, including scalability, flexibility, and improved reliability. In…